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Videos & Previews recorded on beta version of server. Final versions may change.
The Concept
Emerald Royale is a twist on a classic FlyFF Siege Server by replacing siege with a unique Battle Royale Mode!
In Battle Royale everyone starts on an equal playing field, as a level 1 Vagrant with no skills and items. During the match you have the ability to gather Loot ranging from Armors, Weapons, Skills and special Utility Items & Consumables.

You win a match by defeating the most other players and gain Experience & Ranking.
Your Equipment and Level are reset after every match, but your Royale EXP and Royale Ranking persist.
The Rewards you gain can be used to unlock Cosmetics or win Cash Prizes at the end of the Ranked Season! (1 Month per Season)

Signing Up
To play Battle Royale you have to sign up in advance. The mode automatically starts every half hour! at XX:00 and XX:30 respectively.
To sign up, open the Start Menu and click the 'Battle Royale' option.
In the window press the 'Apply' button to apply to the mode. You are now applied to the mode.
Once the mode starts you get an automatic popup letting you know the mode starts soon.
A second popup will show when teleport is available. Press Yes to teleport to the Preperation Zone.

In Battle Royale everyone is Level 1 Vagrant with no combat items available. During the Preparation phase you get a Starters Box.
This Box gives you a starting Weapon to use and some basic healing and consumables. Keep in mind that all combat items are cleared once a match finishes. Saving them is not required.

When preparation is finished a new pop up will open where you can choose between 9 spawn locations on the map. Click a button to select your spawn location.
Once spawned in the map there is a 30 second time before PvP Combat starts. During this time you can already start gathering Loot for yourself.

Gathering Loot
One unique feature of Emerald Royale is that any weapon can be used with any skill you find!
Because there are no classes or jobs there are no longer any restrictions for using combinations of skills and items. (Except Bows require a Quiver to be used)

Instead you gather Armors, Weapons and Skills by defeating 'Loot Chests' found on the Map.
These Chests drop items in one of 4 rarities: [Common] / [Rare] / [Epic] / [Legendary]. The chance of getting higher rarity items increases as the match goes along.

Items dropped are picked up automatically by your character and include:
  • Armor Crates
  • Weapon Crates
  • Skill Crates
  • Utility Crates
  • Moonstones
  • Healing Potions
To find out more details on the Loot and its mechanics please see Features & Mechanics!

Hunting Down Players
Vision Range is heavily reduced in Battle Royale to make it harder to find and attack players, to excel in this mode you will need to have a high awareness of your surroundings.
However there is some help in the form of the Radar Vision item that is given at the start or from Utility Crates.

When activated the Radar Vision will temporarily display all enemy locations on your Map (M). However this will only last for 30 seconds so use it wisely.
Player Names are hidden but locations will be revealed.

Fighting Players
Combat & Balance in Emerald Royale are quite unique compared to classic FlyFF Combat, here are a few tips to help you out.
  • Awareness is key, getting the first hit or attack can scare and panic your opponent. Giving you a big advantage.
  • There is no 'direct' healing such as a Remantis. The only healing available is through the Healing over Time Potions or Skills.
  • Enemies can have a wide variety of Skills and Items available. Even if they wear a sword or bow they could still use a magic skill. Assess your situations properly.
  • Auto Attacks are not as powerful and you will need to maximize your skill usage.
  • MP regens very slowly and HP does not regen at all. So use these resources wisely.
  • You only have a single life, you die and you're out. Keep that in mind

Dropped Player Loot
A unique aspect of Emerald Royale is that when you kill a player. All their equipped items will drop for you to pickup.

This includes their Armor, Weapons and Jewelry but doesn't include anything in their inventory or any of the skills they have obtained.

This incentives you to kill players for additional loot and of course gain more score to help you win the match.

Sectors & The Map
Emerald Royale maps are divided in various Sectors, usually around 5 sectors per map.
These sectors exist to slowly narrow down the playing field and draw players closer to each other.

Every couple of minutes one of the sectors will be closed down which is shown through announcement and through UI elements.
If a player is within a closed sector they will take damage every 3 seconds until they move to another open sector.

Which sector closes is completely random and the amount of damage sectors do scales as the round goes longer.

Spirit Statues
When you open up the map (M) you will see 4 small statue icons in the corners of the map.
These icons indicate possible spawn locations for the Spirit Statues
Spirit Statues are small PvE encounters that drop a special one of a kind weapon!
Each statue has the same patterns, but drops their own special weapon.

To read about the Rewards & Weapons please see Features & Mechanics!

You're Ready!
You now know the basic gameplay of Emerald Royale, however if you want a bit more detailed information on how things work please check out the Features & Mechanics page!

If you want to know about the 'out of match' progression between the matches you play. See Progression & Rewards!