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Emerald Flyff Features
The details on this page are specifically the features of Emerald Royale which is built upon the Emerald Flyff server base.
This means there are already a lot of customized changes and new things that were build for Emerald Flyff that won't be mentioned in this page.

A few examples include:
  • Brand new UI
  • Double Taskbar System
  • Future Support for Team based PvP modes
  • QOL Improvements
  • Additional Options in settings
  • A lot of under the hood changes/reworks to existing systems

Loot Progression - Basics
Loot in Emerald Royale is split up into 4 categories. [Common], [Rare], [Epic], [Legendary]
When a match starts, only Common & Rare items can drop from the Loot Chests.
As time goes on, eventually Common items stop dropping and Epic Items start dropping, and eventually Rare items will stop dropping aswell and Legendary items will appear.

These drop mechanics are based on the duration of the match, so that players get a gradual increase in power over time.
However important to know is that you can Craft Loot aswell. More on that later.

Armors & Damage Resistance
When you press (H) you bring up your Stats Menu. In here you can see all your available stats but defence is missing.
In Emerald Royale we automatically convert Defence to % based Damage Resistance for your convenience. Every 10 points of defence is worth 1% of Resistance.
Damage Resistance applies both to Magical & Physical damage, wearing better armor also increases your Damage Resistance.
Depending on the Rarity your Armors will also gain Randomized Awakenings.
  • [Common] Armors receive no Awakenings
  • [Rare] Armors receive 1 Awakening Line
  • [Epic] Armors receive 2 Awakening Lines
  • [Legendary] Armors receive 3 Awakening Lines

Another aspect to keep in mind is that there are no set effects anymore in Emerald Royale. This helps simplify managing your gear during a match.

Weapon Types
All Weapons in Emerald Royale are available for Vagrants and for level 1. We have limited the scope of weapons so its easier to know which weapons to use.
The rarity of weapons is divided in the following tiers, each tier has slightly higher damage and stats.
  • Guardian & Historic Weapons are [Common]
  • Angel & LG Weapons are [Rare]
  • Lusaka & Royal Weapons are [Epic]
  • Bloody & Ancient Weapons are [Legendary]

Some information about each Weapon Type.
  • 1-H Swords add STR and are fast and high damage.
  • Knuckles add MP and deal less damage, but are great for skill builds
  • Bows add Critical Chance and get damage from DEX. Requires a Quiver to be used.
  • Sticks do Magical Damage and add INT. A good medium range weapon
  • Wands do Magical Damage and add Magical Damage %, shoots projectiles at a slower rate.

Similar to Armors, Weapons can also receive Awakenings but not guaranteed.
The chance that your weapon receives an Awakening is increased based on its Rarity.

At the beginning of a match you start out without any skills. Through loot you will be able to find a variety of skills, ranging from basic damaging skills to massive ultimate abilities.
In total the server has a roster of 31 Skills available for players to obtain.
However only 16 are active at the same time per week. Which is 4 skills per Rarity.

Every week we will randomly select 16 skills for the loot-pool meaning that every week a different combination of skills will be available for players.
This means that gameplay will always be fresh and unique since new skill combos and playstyles will arise on a weekly basis.

Available Skills
  • Common
  • Quick Dash - Gain a burst of Speed
  • Ensnare - Roots target enemy
  • Shield Bash - Melee skill that Stuns
  • Firebird - Ranged Magical Skill
  • Demonic Grasp - Debuffs enemy, reduces Damage Resistance
  • Cut Throat - Medium range Physical Skill
  • CRIT UP - Self Buff that adds Critical Chance
  • Whirlwind - Melee Physical Skill that hits multiple times
  • Rare
  • Rapid Fire - Shoots multiple Physical Projectiles that can Crit.
  • Escape - Become Semi-Invisible to escape danger
  • Open Wound - Melee Physical Skill that causes Bleeding
  • Rest - Self Buff that heals you over time
  • Hail of Arrows - Ranged Skill that creates a DoT Area on the ground
  • Electric Strike - Ranged Magical Skill that Roots
  • Break Their Defence - Melee Skill that lowers Damage Resistance
  • Ground Slam - Melee Self AoE that Slows heavily
  • Epic
  • Unleash - It's Asal with a new name :)
  • Whirling Death - Ranged Physical Projectile Skill
  • Storm Shield - Self Buff that increases Damage Resistance
  • Sneak - Become fully invisible for a long duration, but you are slowed
  • Redemption - Delayed Magical Skill that heals yourself and damages enemies
  • Focused Strike - It's Hit of Penya :)
  • Demonology - Ranged Magical Skill that shoots 3 projectiles
  • Last Stand - Self Buff that gives you Damage Resistance if you lose health
  • Legendary
  • Noxious Bomb - Places a bomb that explodes after a second
  • Temporal Smite - Melee Physical Skill that stuns and deals high damage
  • Ice Arrow - Ranged Projectile that causes heavy slow
  • Blinding Grenade - Ranged Skill that causes blindness
  • Counter Attack - Defensive Stance to counter incoming melee attacks
  • Light's Sanctuary - Creates a zone that heals and buffs you every 0.5s
  • Iron Defence - Self Stun but gain 100% Damage Resistance while stunned

Leveling Up (within a match)
Every Royale Match starts at level 1, but you can gain EXP and level up. Up to Level 15 can be reached per Royale Match.
Leveling up does not give you any Stat Points to allocate, but it does increase your base Attack & base Health and it also fully heals your HP back to full.

Experience for leveling up can be gained by killing Loot or by killing other players. Your name color changes based on your level, which helps indicate how strong another player might be.
After a match is finished you are reset back to level 1.

Crafting & Disenchanting
During a match you will find a lot of excess loot items you dont want or need. These can be easily disenchanted by simply right-clicking them.
Disenchanted items turn into Scrap which can be used to craft a varity of Crates.
You can open the Crafting Menu with (R), you can choose to craft either Loot Boxes or Skill Boxes directly at different rarities.

Crafting takes a moment and you need to keep the window open while crafting happens, so there is some risk and timinig involved.
With Crafting you can get Epic or Legendary items earlier than expected which is an essential way to get ahead of other players.

Loot Distribution
When you kill a Loot Chest it can drop one of the following items:
  • A [Common/Rare/Epic/Legendary] Crate
  • Moonstones (To upgrade Jewelry)
  • A Utility Crate
  • Health Potions

Which Rarity of Crate you will get depends on the length of the ongoing match. The longer the match the better the loot.
  • During minute 0-2 only Common & Rare Crates drop
  • During minute 2-4 only Rare Crates drop
  • During minute 4-6 only Rare & Epic Crates drop
  • During minute 6-8 only Epic Crates drop
  • During minute 8-10 only Epic & Legendary Crates drop
  • After 10 minutes only Legendary Crates drop

When you open a Crate the game will automatically open it for you and you will get one of the following crates of the same rarity
  • A Weapon Crate (25%)
  • An Armor Crate (40%)
  • A Skill Crate (14%)
  • A Ring Crate (8%)
  • A Necklate Crate (8%)
  • A Shield or Quiver (5% or 2.5% each)

Utility Crates
Utility Crates are a special kind of crate that appear throughout the entire match and have Unique & Interesting tools in them for players to use.
A lot of these tools are Channelled Items meaning they take around 1 second to activate when you use them.
However we made some changes to this system so that you can Move while Channeling items which is new to FlyFF.
Knowing when to start channeling for optimal use is still important, since being Auto-Attacked cancels your active channel.
Utility Crate Items
  • Player Radar - Temporarily reveals player positions on the Map (M)
  • Holy Scroll - Removes all debuffs
  • Mushroom Mine - Place a mine on the ground that lasts for a few minutes. Instant Cast
  • Shield Barrier - Gain a self buff for 60 seconds that reduces the damage of a single attack.
  • Cast: Protect - Gain the 'Protect' self buff. A powerful defensive bonus
  • Cast: Spirit Fortune - Gain the 'Spirit Fortune' self buff. A powerful offensive bonus
  • Shieling Totem - Place down a totem on target location that buffs you every second with a defensive buff, if nearby.
  • Smoke Screen - Create a Smoke Screen zone on your location that blinds all enemies within it every 0.5s.
  • Anti Skill Zone - Create an Anti Skill zone on your location that silences all enemies within it every 0.5s.
  • Loot Mimic - Place down a fake Loot Chest at target location. Players who kill it take damage and are slowed.
Spirit Statues
Spirit Statues are special PvE Objectives that spawn once every 4 minutes in a match.
When you open the Map (M) you will see 4 small statue icons, these icons indicate where a statue may spawn.
A Statue can spawn in any of the 4 locations at random, it can also spawn in closed sectors.
Statues don't deal direct damage to you, but create Boss Patterns that you need to dodge as they do ~250 damage each.
There are 4 types of Statues that can spawn, they all have Identical Damage, Patterns and Health. But they drop different rewards.
Below is a more in depth look into each Spirit Weapon, which are the rewards of defeating a Statue.
Each Spirit Weapon has Unique Graphics & Sound attached to them. Please note you need 'Item Effect' ON for them to be properly visible.

Spirit Sword of Lightning
Imbued with the power of Lightning, this Two-Handed Sword will quickly shred enemies with critical strikes and lightning bursts. Details
  • Type: Melee / Two-Handed
  • Damage: 50 - 65
  • STR +15
  • Attack +5%
Special Effect
After casting 2 Skills in quick succession (5 seconds) you create a Storm of Lightning around your current position.
The storm creates multiple Lightning-Strikes around your position (does not follow if you move), each of these strikes deal 250 damage to enemies.
This effect has a minute cooldown after being triggered.

Spirit Axe of Water
Imbued with the power of Water, this Two-Handed Axe is your key to a strong defense and surviving attackers. Details
  • Type: Melee / Two-Handed
  • Damage: 50 - 65
  • STR +15
  • STA +15
Special Effect
When you cast a skill that debuffs your target with a CC you will gain a Shield Barrier (Rare). The Shield Barrier reduces the damage of the next attack by 50% once.
This Effect Triggers with the following skills:
  • Shield Bash
  • Ensnare
  • Temporal Smite
  • Poison Arrow
  • Demonic Grasp
  • Lightning Strike
  • Break Their Defence
  • Blinding Grenade

This effect has a minute cooldown after being triggered.

Spirit Staff of Fire
Imbued with the power of Fire, this Staff enhances Magic and Physical Skills alike with Elemental Effects. Details
  • Type: Ranged / Two-Handed
  • Damage: 50 - 65
  • INT +15
  • Mana Cost of Skills -20%
Special Effect
When you cast a Skill on a target an Elemental Sigil is placed on the target for 5 seconds.
A secondary Skill on the same target with the Sigil will Explode it with special effects based on the Element of the Second Skill.
Which element your skills have can be seen on their Tooltips, below the special effects are explained:
  • Fire Skills gain 300 Extra Damage
  • Water Skills restore 200 Mana to the Caster
  • Earth Skills slow the target for 25% for 3s
  • Electric Skills stun the target for 1s
  • Wind Skills speed up the Caster by 50% for 10s

This effect has a minute cooldown after being triggered. Cooldown starts when the Sigil is Exploded, not placed.

Spirit Yoyo of Wind
Imbued with the power of Wind, this Yo-Yo holds restorative power awakend by its users. Details
  • Type: Ranged / Two-Handed
  • Damage: 50 - 65
  • Attack +10%
  • Max Health +10%
Special Effect
When you cast a Skill on a target an Restorative Mark is placed on the target for 5 seconds.
Any additional Skill on the same target will trigger the Mark. Healing you for 500 HP.
This effect has a minute cooldown after being triggered. Cooldown starts when the Sigil is Exploded, not placed.