Features Page

Unique Features Improvements Quality of Life
Tooltips & Item Rarities
We've updated our Item & Skill tooltips with additional information. Making it easy for you to understand the purpose of items and the details of skills.
Important items relevant to Emerald Flyff have unique tags so it is easier to know their purpose, whether it be Quests, Crafting, or anything else.

Additionally certain items when dropped by a monster show up in the world with tag and color, so you can easily see if your drops are good even without a pickup-pet.

Damage & Healing Visuals
We've updated the Damage Numbers to have newer more stylish graphics and added different colors for Physical and Magical damage.
We also show your healing amounts from regeneration, food or healing spells for your convenience.

Damage & Calculations
We've done a lot of improvements and reworks to damage & scaling. In addition to various custom effects and skills we have simplified a few things.
Attack Speed is locked based on your class and weapon. You can still increase it with certain skills. But no longer need to add DEX or get that 1 awake to get 100% Attack Speed.
Parry & Hitrate have been adjusted to be easier to balance and no longer scale through DEX, only through Equipment and Gear.
We've added Physical Defence (%) and Magic Resist (%) to help reduce damage from specific sources.

All of this information and more can be found in our new Character Window (H).

Guild Contributing has been removed. Instead, all members automatically contribute Guild EXP by killing monsters. (or earning PvP Kills)
Leveling up your guild to certain levels unlocks unique Guild Buffs for everyone in the guild.

Linked Attack has been updated to give a static damage boost no matter how many players are in your party.
We've also made it so that when you join a party with skills and scrolls, you automatically see the skills that are active.
Leveling parties is made easier by allowing solo-players to also contribute Party-EXP when killing monsters.
Lastly your location is now visible on the Party Menu, making it easy to see if there is already someone in a dungeon you plan to enter.

Raised Pets
Eggs & Raised Pets earn EXP automatically from killing monsters, and also level up automatically when they reach 99.99% EXP.
You can still do the Pet Tamer quest, but it is no longer required!

We've also updated the chances on level up. Each pet level up there are two available options. an "Average" and "Best" option.
So even if you get unlucky. Your max level Raised Pet is at minimum level 1/2/4/6/8.

Health bars & Status Effects
Mini-health bars above monsters now show up on any monster that has taken damage. Making it easy to see when your AoE groups are about to die.
We also added a mana-bar above your own mini-health bar so you can easily see your mana totals. We've also gotten rid of FP all together!

Special status effects such as Stuns, Slows, Bleeds or Silences (and more) are shown in text at the small healthbar and with an emote above the player/monster.

Monster Targetting
We have fixed a few crucial errors for targetting in Flyff. When AoEing groups of monsters you no longer lose target when one of the monster dies.
You can also pre-select a second monster while attacking a single monster and your character will automatically continue attacking the second selected monster. Making 1v1 Killing easy with just a mouse press.

Weapon Glows & Attacks
We've updated Weapon Glows to the new v17 style, these weapon glows also work for custom models!

Various attack SFX have also been updated based on your equipped weapon (Yo-Yo and Quivers).
New on-hit SFX gives FlyFF a mondernized look and improves the general graphics of the game.