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Royale Levels
Leveling up a character has been replaced with a new progession system called your Royale Level.
Everyone starts out at Level 1 and Experience is gained from playing Matches & Completing Missions.
Every time you level up your Royale Level you gain Royale Coins which are the currency you can use to purchase Cosmetic Items.
The NPCs scattered in the Central Hub area contains various types of Cosmetics in 3 Tiers.
  • Tier 1 Cosmetics are basic and require at least Royale Level 10 to be purchased.
  • Tier 2 Cosmetics are more rare and require at least Royale Level 25 to be purchased.
  • Tier 3 Cosmetics are our most special cosmetis and require at least Royale Level 50 to be purchased.

The higher level you are, the more coins you get per level up.
There are no stat benefits to leveling up so everyone is always at an equal playing field. Even if they are a high Royale Level.
Your Royale Level is always displayed next to your name when not in a match. The visuals automatically scale up based on your level!

Royale Ranks
In addition to Levels each player is also ranked based on their performance in matches. Gaining or Losing Ranking at the end of the match.
Each player starts at 1000 Ranking which places them right below Silver Rank. ELO Gain is determined on the amount of Kills & Score obtained in a match, winning a match gives bonus ELO.
Ranks will reset on a monthly basis per our Ranked Seasons. At the end of the Ranked Season players will be able to earn special rewards based on their Final Rank!
The following Ranks are available:
  • Iron (0-500)
  • Bronze (501-1000)
  • Silver (1001-1500)
  • Gold (1501-2000)
  • Platinum (2001-2250)
  • Diamond (2251-2500)
  • Master (2501-2750)
  • Challenger (2751-3000)
  • Champion (3000+)

Your Rank is purely a Personal Rank meaning that the ELO you gain/lose does not change depending on what rank your enemies are.
Neither is there a special matchmaking that puts players together, everyone plays together at all the ranks.

Rewards are distributed as such
  • #1 Gets 40% of the Cash Pool (Up to €200)
  • #2 Gets 30% of the Cash Pool (Up to €150)
  • #3 Gets 15% of the Cash Pool (Up to €75)
  • #4 Gets 10% of the Cash Pool (Up to €50)
  • #5 Gets 5% of the Cash Pool (Up to €25)
Cash Prizes
When a Ranked Season ends we will be awarding Cash Prizes in Addition to Ingame Rewards to the top Players of the server.
Here is how it works:
  • 20% of all Donations will be put into the 'Cash Prize Pool' per Month
  • The Pool will be capped at €500 per Month, but can be lower depending on how many donations come in.
  • The top 5 Players in the Ranking List on Season End will be receiving Cash Rewards. Under the following conditions
    • At least a total of 20 Ranked Players will have played more than 5 matches in the season.
    • Player has played at least a match within the last 5 days of the season.
    • Duplicate Accounts are not allowed and player will be disqualified.
    • A minimum of 25 matches need to be played to be eligible.
    • If any of the top 5 players are not egible, the next lower players will be chosen instead.
  • Earnings are sent to the players through Paypal Only. If you cannot provide a valid account the earnings will be given to the next player in line.
  • Payments will be manually distributed by the Admin.