Features Page

Unique Features Improvements Quality of Life
Easily move to common areas and Dungeon entrances with our Teleporter.
Fully equipped with drop lists, active cooldowns and dynamic information regarding dungeons.

Combined with Model Caching, teleporting will happen instantly and make your life as easy as it can be.

Party Finder
Use our Party Finder to easily find available party and check which skills are active and which scrolls the Leader has.

If you want you can exclude your own party from the Party Finder to keep it private for just you and your friends.

Pet Filter
Decide which items you want to pick up and not with this nifty Pet Filter. Works for all Pickup pets!

Inventory & Bags
We've Increased Inventory sizes to 168 slots and Extra Bags are FREE & Permanent!

Additionally we also have Inventory Sorting & Inventory Search available.

Model Caching & Other Graphical Updates
With Model Caching your client will automatically remember commonly seen models, lowering the times between teleportations.
Additionally, we've done various other graphical updates such as anti-aliasing, ansiotropic filtering and generally improved world maps and models.

We do not want to rework everything entirely, to keep FlyFF the way you like it, and keep the nostalgia going. However, we strive for Quality of Life updates that are making the game more enjoyable and are missing in the base game.

Item Locking
With Shift + Click you can now lock your valuable items so that you never accidentally delete or remove them.

Collecting & Mining
The classic Collecting System has been rebranded to Mining. Instead of the collector players are given the Forging Hammer which is used to mine materials at designated areas on the map.

While functionally the same, this thematic update to the system makes it fit better within the context of the game & server.

Mana & Fatigue
We've gotten rid of Fatigue (FP) and all skills now consume Mana (MP), you will now gain bonus mana from all stats. (STR,DEX,STA,INT)

Our skills have been rebalanced around this fact and Mana Regeneration has been adjusted so there is no longer need for Refresher Holds.
This change will simplify Mana usage in FlyFF without making Mana a useless addition to the game.

Instant Mail
With this option you can access your mailbox to send & receive mail at any time in the world without having to return to your mailbox.