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Unique Features Improvements Quality of Life
Videos & Previews recorded on beta version of server. Final versions may change.
Unique Boss Mechanics
In Emerald Flyff, we worked on new systems for Dungeon & World Bosses.
With our new system, Bosses are able to attack the ground in various patterns and attacks.

Attacks can vary from Lines, Squares, Triangles to randomized Storms that attack locations every second.
Our System allows for different types of attacks such as Monster Spawns, Proximity Mines, Burnfields or Delayed Attacks.

PvE Challenges have never been as exciting and unique as in Emerald Flyff!

Custom User Interface
We've done a full rework of the classic Flyff User-Interface.
While we all love the original feeling of Flyff we wanted to do something unique that fits the Forest-y asthetic of Emerald Flyff - The Enchanted Forest!

The UI includes complete reworks of the Skill-window, Animated Healthbars for Personal Status & Selected Targets, completely new Character Window and brand new Taskbar!

Unique Class Skills
In Emerald Flyff you play the usual classes with a fresh new paint of Skills and Interactions. Here is a short summary of what you can expect of each class.

Blades wield dual swords and are a primary DPS class, Knights have a new stance with an Axe + Shield tank combination.
Ringmasters are the primary healers but do Magical auto attacks, Billposters are a class that can build momentum by combo-ing skills together.
Rangers wield Bows and Quivers that each have their own unique effect, Jesters are short-ranged contract killer assassins with powerful abilities.
Elementors wield the elements and deal devasting Area of Effect damage, Psykeepers can hurl bombs and curse their enemies.

Quests & Tutorials
Emerald Flyff has over 75 unique quests ranging from Beginner Quests, to repeatable farm quests to complete storylines to follow with unique rewards.

The old official quests have been removed from the game. As a result, each quest you will see in-game is a quest made by us and unique to Emerald FlyFF!

Weapon Grading System
Weapon Grading is a new type of Rarity added to weapons. Weapons can be graded from D up to S and have different stats and bonuses they can get.
Weapons dropped from monsters can randomly be assigned a grade, ranging from D to S. You can also use the 'Scroll of Discovery' to assign a Weapon Grade.

If you are unhappy with your stat or grade, we offer 3 different options to alter your Weapon Grade.
  • Upgrade to a higher Grade
  • Reroll the type of Stat
  • Reroll the value of the stat

Dungeon Energy
Dungeon Energy is our unique version of entries in FlyFF.
Every day players have 100 Energy to spend on various dungeon. Different dungeons cost different amounts of Energy to enter.
Dungeons that cost Energy have no cooldown, but we still have dungeons with a normal cooldown and 0 Energy cost.

Every day at midnight server time your Energy is reset to full.

Players can decide how they want to use their energy. Whether you want to spend all of your energy running high-end dungeons, or to spend it on running a bigger amount of lower-end dungeons is your choice every day.

Custom Maps & Dungeons
Emerald Flyff has updated various maps to serve our needs and has a collection of beautifully crafted custom dungeons.
In addition to classic Madrigal and common dungeons such as Wilds and Aminus, we have a collection of fun unique dungeons not seen in other servers!

Factions I - General
Factions are a major endgame system in Emerald Flyff. When you create your character you can choose to become either a Raider or Guardian.
You can see which faction a player belongs to by looking at the colour of their name. Factions give a collection of different bonuses and perks but no matter which of the two you pick, the perks are always the same.

Your Faction Level starts at level 1 and maxes out at 50 but can only be leveled up with reputation which you can earn once you reach max level.

Factions II - Battlegrounds
In the Faction Battlegrounds you can earn reputation to level up your faction. You can do this through Quests, Worldbosses or Open World PvP.

We have completely reworked the PK system into an Open World PvP system that is only active on this map. Players from opposing factions can kill eachother and earn/lose reputation for this.
No worries as you won't lose any items or penya for dying in PvP.

The Battlegrounds map opens only 6 times a day for 1 hour each, which is notified by the server. The intention behind this design is to force players to explore this unique island together, and to maximize PvP potential!
However there are various other PvE Objectives on the map aswell. Such as Increased Penya, Neutral Bosses and Faction Bosses.

Factions III - Buffs
While part of a faction, you gain Permanent Passive Buffs based on your total Faction Level.
You can also buy Temporary Buffs that last for 1 hour each with Faction Tokens which you earn by completing Faction Objectives.

Additionally your Faction has a certain amount of Points ranging from 0 to 5000. If your Faction has more points than the other Faction. You gain bonus stats.

These points are automatically transferred when players perform various actions in the server such as completing quests, killing bosses, and killing players of the opposite faction.

Factions IV - Statues
Players can donate penya to their Faction's treasury, once this treasury reaches a certain amount, they can build their statue.
Each Faction can build their statue once and it will stay alive until it is destroyed by the enemy Faction.
The statues are located in the Faction Battlegrounds which opens at certain times during the day.
Players will need to work together and destory or defend their statues depending on the situation.

Weapon Modifications
We have completely reworked how Jewel Sockets work in Emerald Flyff and it is called Weapon Modifications. Here is a quick run-down of how it works.
  • Ultimate Weapons have 3 Modification slots at +10.
  • Modifications are Crafted through Recipes dropped in Dungeons.
  • Each Modification can only be slotted once into a Weapon.
  • Modifications are slotted without RNG and failure. 100% success rates!
  • Weapon Modifications have a wide variety of stats and bonuses. It's up to you to Mix & Match your perfect combination.

Free For All
In addition to Siege we created 2 new PvP Modes that run multiple times a day. One of them is our FFA mode.
Players can sign up through the menu and jump in a quick PvP Battle to earn currencies to spend on various items and cosmetics.

Capture The Flag
In addition to FFA we created a brand new PvP mode called Capture the Flag.
Capture the Flag is a team based PvP mode where you will randomly join one of two teams.

Instead of lives each team has a score. Every time you kill someone points are deducted from the opposing team.
When a team reaches 0 points the mode ends and that team loses.
When the battle starts, a Flag will spawn in the Arena. Once a player attacks the flag, they will automatically start wearing it.
While you hold the flag you take more score away on kills and gain bonus points. But if you die with the flag it will be transferred to the player who killed you.

We have a unique option in Flyff never seen before. The abilty to enable Targeted Skillshots for Ranged-AoE Abilities.
With this option enabled you can ground-target any ranged AoE abilities and cast it on the ground, not requiring a target to cast skills.

You can use this in PvP or PvE to predict movements and cast multiple spells in quick succession without fear of losing targets.

This option is completely optional and disabled by default.

Item Transmutation
Item transmutation allows you to change the look of a Weapon, Mask or Cloak without losing the stats of the original item.

You'll never have to decide between looking good or being strong, now you can do both!

AFK Vendors
The idea of leaving your PC on overnight to have a shop open in a game is outdated, with our AFK vendors this is no longer a problem!

You can set them up during the day and any earned money will be sent to your Inventory or Mail directly! They can last anywhere between 24 hours up to a week.

Crafting & Disenchanting
In Emerald Flyff we have an extensive Crafting System where you can Upgrade, Combine or Create items using materials you can collect in various places throughout the game.
One of the most common ingredients is Scrap which you can create with our Disenchanting Window, which turns any leftover weapons or armor into scrap!

Crafting is a required feature to obtain various late-game items such as Weapon Modifications or Potions and Buffs.
You can also use the Crafting Menu to upgrade your Guardian Weapon into stronger weapons, up to a Legendary Golden Weapon. The same applies to sets ranging from level 60 to 90.

DPS Meter
With this quick option you can view the DPS of everyone on the selected monster.

We've added mounts for safe & quick travel on the ground in style!